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Brown and co are Hartlepool leading carpet and upholstery cleaning speacilists in the Hartlepool Stockton Middlesbrough and surrounding areas, we are enviromentaly friendly and plastic free registered.

We are a local family run company with extensive training in carpet and upholstery. We use portable hot water retraction systems to ensure the very best results for our clients.

We only use the highest quality eco friendly products in order to achieve the very best results without damaging the environment. This led us to become a plastic free registered company giving up as much single use plastic as possible and working with suppliers to have our used containers refilled in order to reduce our footprint on the planet. We also use modern vehicles with low pollution levels to ensure we have considered our effects in every possible way.

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We use the highest quality of products

1. vacuum

Brown&Co. use top of the range Sebo vaccum cleaners which are hospital grade, using multiple passes to ensure all dry soil is removed before hand.

2. Pre-spray

We will pretreat the carpet with various pre sprays depending on  material, soiling and condition. These chemicals will break down the dirt ready for removal.

3. Agitation

The material is then agitated using a contra rotation brush machine to work the pre-sprayed chemical into the fibers and refresh the way the pile of the carpet lays!

4. Shampoo

We use an eco-friendly shampoo to clean and rinse the fabric.

5. Extraction

Using high powered vacuums in our machine to extract the chemicals and help lift the fibers of the carpet once more.

6. Drying

Our machines generally leave the fabric to a state where it will be dry within the day but we can, in certain circumstance, use high powered blowers to decrease drying times. We often would use these in flood situations too but can be used on request.

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Our Equipment

We use top of the range portable extracta equiplent which is constantly being upgraded to keep up to the highest standards.


We use portable equipment for ease of access to the property and to have the best vacuum power possible on site.

Our pumps can reach hundreds of psi but this is not always necessary depending on the decays of the fibres.


Our Training

We have undergone extensive training to ensure you are in the best hands when you recive your service. Having a team with years of experience and knowledge to leave you assured of our competence.
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