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With over 30 years experience, Mark has built a worldwide reputation as one of the leaders in his field. A fellow of The Institute of Professional Goldsmiths (FIPG), an organisation that promotes and supports craftspeople of the highest calibre who produce only the finest workmanship, Mark is renowned in his field.

Mark has been commissioned by the rich and famous, by public bodies and by private individuals. He has worked for clients around the world looking for unqiue pieces imbued with the creativity and originality Mark is so well know and trusted for.

With an ‘avant-garde’ style and flair for ingenuity, Mark is constantly forging new and innovative ideas. His passion for design and creativity is evident in his work. To discuss your ideas contact Mark and Michelle who will happy agree a consultation to discuss the design of your next bespoke piece.


“Unique quality jewellery is a statement of who you are… your individuality, your success, your aspirations and your quirks” Mark Lloyd
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Creative Consultations

We specialise in bespoke pieces and work with you to create the perfect jewellery you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

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Lifetime Warranty

We provide lifetime warranties on all pieces Mark produces by hand. Rest assured your jewellery is in safe hands.

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30 Day Guarantee

All jewellery sold online, whether made by Mark of by an artisan partner, carries with it a no quibble guarantee.

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Free Delivery

We offer free delivery throughout the UK on all purchases made online through the Mark Lloyd website. Contact us for international orders.

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Quality Materials

We use only the best quality materials and specific pieces, like diamond rings, come with authentication certificates and stamps.

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Contact Made Easy

We’re online but we also have a high street shop and school of jewellery. You can visit, call, email or message us on social media at any time.

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