It’s a Family Affair

It’s becoming quite a family affair here in the shop as our two eldest boys have decided to join us!

Elliot, who is 27, will be spending time in the workshop beside his dad.  He is not unfamiliar as he’s sat beside him from a young age, practising on old bits of silver.  He will also be working alongside the other goldsmiths in the repair workshop and working on the CAD (Computer Aided Design) with Nick.

Elliot graduated from University with a degree in cinematography so expect to see some exciting videos!

Max has just completed his GCSEs and will be working in the shop with me and the girls!  He will also be with John Davey behind the scenes, soaking up his knowledge of watches, and with Andy and Paula on a Saturday.  Max will be going off to Hartlepool Sixth Form in September to persue his love of performing arts, so watch out for yet another rising star from Hartlepool.