Mandascat-Pirate-CatMandascat was created by Amanda Jayne White, a Hartlepool artist and teacher known to Mark since school days… many moons ago. They recently decided to collaborate and use mandascat designs on silver bangles and pendants, only available to buy through Mark Lloyd and Amanda.  These designs are uniquely creations, developed to work on jewellery. The designs are deep laser engraved by state of the art machinery and hand shaped and finished by Mark.

Each piece is made from 925 sterling silver solid sheet, deep laser engraved and then formed into bangles or pendants. Every item is hallmarked at Goldsmiths Hall London Assay Office and branded with Mandascat and Mark’s ML maker’s stamp for authenticity. These are not cast and copied. They are individually made by Hartlepool artisans.

“This is a collection close to my heart. It’s important to me to support local artists and to keep craft skills alive. Also, Amanda offers a service to draw your own pet and turn it into mandascat art. Please contact me or Amanda to discuss.” Mark Lloyd

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